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About Us and Our Products

Silver b3 is the parent arm of , and is a small personal online retail business providing a diverse range of Classic, Celtic and Design Led Gifts, Personal Accessories, and Jewellery of quality, distinction, design elegance and were relevant, historically authentic hand crafted reproduction.

We are locally based in the South West of England, but we ship our products to most all international destinations.

Most all of our gifts and accessories are not only distinct in terms of their quality, substance and design elegance, but are very competitively priced. They are likely to be of considerablely better value than those that occasionally become available through other retail mediums, such as Major High Street chains, & Mail Order Catalogues, and other 'On-Line' shops and Catalogues etc.

So if your looking for that Special or Unique gift, one not to be found in any of the regular high street shops, and, particularly if it's a gift for one of those irritating friends and family members who already have everything ! then look no further. Be it for a Birthday present, Wedding present, Anniversary present, Classic Gift, Design Led Gift, Classic Jewellery or Contemporary Jewellery, or just any unique gift for that special person, friend or loved one, we hope that you will find it here.

We regularly update and expand upon the product range, and category of items available. So if you see nothing on this occasion that either appeals to you, or meets your requirements, please try again at some later date.

In the meantime please take this opportunity to browse our current catalogue of Gifts, Personal Accessories, and Jewellery.

Our Current Range of Products:

Classic and Design Led Gifts

A diverse range of highly distinct, principally Silver Plated Gifts, and Personal Accessories of substance, distinction, and beautifully simple design elegance. 1) Business Card Cases, Plus. 2) Clocks. 3) Cufflinks. 4) Desk Accessories. 5) Dining and Bar Accessories. 6) Executive Games. 7) Grooming and Cosmetic Accessories. 8) Hip Flasks. 9) Keyrings. 10) Miscellany. 11) Pens. 12) Picture / Photo Frames. 13) Smoking Accessories. 14) Travel Accessories. 15) Sterling Silver Gifts

Classical Silver Jewellery

An extensive and VERY rare collection of hand finished ART NOUVEAU JEWELLERY and ART DECO JEWELLERY Classical Jewellery. The Heritage of our Classical 925 quality Dutch and Sterling Silver Jewellery Range begins in 1825 with the Van Kempen family, which merged in 1855 with the Begeer family. The hand crafted manufacturing quality of their jewellery and silverware earned them the honour of being named 'Royal Van Kempen and Begeer' supplying to the Royal Households and Aristocracy of Europe. By the late 19th century the company was at it's height of success in Europe, and specialising in Victorian, and then subsequently, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco Jewellery.

In 1974 GL Nederland BV was established and was fortunate enough to acquire this honourable and proud heritage of the Dutch silver industry together with 30,000 original and well preserved design masters, all crafted by hand, using those design masters this tradition is kept alive in the 'Classical Jewellery Range' utilising a combination of past, present, new, but authentic hand finished design and reproduction techniques.

Celtic Jewellery and Gifts

A diverse selection of authentically reproduced Celtic Jewellery and Celtic Gifts / Personal Accessories, hand crafted in solid Pewter in Cornwall, one of the last Celtic strongholds of the South West of Britain.

This wild and beautiful land was home to the many native Celts who were slowly driven out, during many decades of fierce and bloody conflict, from the temperate midlands and entire Eastern seaboard of Britain by invading European warriors, such as the Saxons, Angles, Jutes, and Franks of Northern Germany. The Celts in general identified these European warriors as one common enemy under a single banner of Saxon. The entire West of Britain, and particularly the South West, remained the last Stronghold of the British Celts for many Centuries.

It is in places such as Cornwall, Wales and Scotland that the art of the Celts and ancient Britons has survived, carved into stone tombs and discovered on pottery fragments and ornaments.

As the years went by, religious scholars and monks adopted the traditions of Celtic art, creating illuminated texts such as the Lindisfarne Gospels. Their work exemplifies the simple sophistication and originality of form and design.

As Christian beliefs spread across the world, the Celtic cross evolved, with the circle that surrounds the cross symbolising the 'great wheel of life' - a belief that is thought to predate Christianity. These carved stone crosses are scattered throughout Britain and are a common site in our Churchyards and by our roadsides today.

Celtic art reverberates through the centuries, identified by it's unique simple sophistication of form and design, felt by many to represent an indefinable feeling for the rightness of things.

Modern interpretations of Celtic tradition have given us the Arts and Crafts movement, where the ancient Celtic beliefs in elegance of form, and a reverence for the Earth and its creatures, is apparent in the work of designers such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Archibald Knox. The result, as reproduced in the enduring alloy of pewter, is not only a recreation of the past, but a continual evolution of living art, created by modern craftsmen for the people of today.

Elvish / Elven Jewellery

The Middle Earth Elven / Elvish Jewellery Range takes it's inspiration from Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'. All the pieces are designed and hand crafted / made in Cornwall, one of the Last Celtic Stongholds of South West Britain. Unlike the mass manufactured pieces in High Street jewellery chains, the design and engraving are of considerably greater subtlety and quality producing a much more elegant finish.

The Elvish Jewellery range, in 9ct and 18ct Gold and Sterling Silver, includes: Elvish Love Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Bangles and Bands and the Elven 'Star' Pendands and Elven Earrings, Inspired by the same 'Evenstar' Pendant as that given to Aragorn by the Elven Princess Arwen, as a token / declaration of her love, any of which might well have come direct from Middle Earth itself, though of course they didn't, .....did they !?

The Language of Love Jewellery Collection

A selection of hand finished Sterling Silver jewellery pieces celebrating the language of love translated into ancient scripts and symbols and the classical and contemporary word.


New Products and Ranges:

We regularly introduce entirely new products and items to our existing sections and ranges. We also regularly review and occassionally introduce entirely NEW SECTIONS / RANGES to our On Line store. So if you see nothing on this occasion that either appeals to you, or meets your requirements, please look again at some later date.



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