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Elvish Earrings

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Elven Earrings

Inspired by JRR Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'. Elvish Love and Evenstar Earrings available in Sterling Silver.


The entire hand crafted production of the Elvish Love Jewellery Collection has now ceased, and all pieces within the range will have to be discontinued by ALL retailers.

We continue to have a limited stock of most items and sizes within the range, but once all current stocks are sold these original Cornish made pieces will no longer be available in the UK, or elsewhere.

Sterling Silver Elvish Love Earrings

Sterling Silver Elvish Love Earrings

Ref: SE922

Price: 64.95

Hand Crafted Elven Earrings

The inscription on these Elven earrings, written in Elvish, reads:

"One ring to show our love One ring to bind us
One ring to seal our love and forever to entwine us"

Size: Approx 6mm band width x 20mm 'curved' drop

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Sterling Silver Elven 'Star' Earrings

Sterling Silver Elven 'Star' Earrings

Ref: SE311

Price: 39.95

Choice of Crystal Colour

Hand Crafted Elvish Earrings

These Elvish Earrings are inspired by the Elven Evenstar Pendant as that given to Aragorn by the Elven Princess Arwen, as a token / declaration of her love.

These Earrings are available with a choice of 4 different coloured Swarovski crystals, Blue, Clear, Green and Pink.

Please select your required Crystal, (Blue, Clear, Green, or Pink) from the 'Drop Down List' above, BEFORE 'adding to cart

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Silver b3 | Elvish Jewellery | Elvish Earrings